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Who is Ismat Chughtai?

Ismat Chughtai was an Indian writer of Urdu Language, she born on 21 August 1915, Badayun, United Province, Uttar Pradesh, British India. She took her academic education from the Women’s College at the Aligarh Muslim University and graduated from Isabella Thoburn College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1940. She got married to Shaheed Latif in 1913. In the early 1930s, she wrote about Female Sexuality and Femininity middle-class gentility, and class conflict, often from a Marxist perspective. She received the Padam Shri Award by Government of India in 1976.
She was an established Urdu literature of 20th century. Later on, she also worked as a screenwriter for Bollywood movies, many of them were the biggest hit of at that time. The list of the movies is Arzoo (1950), Faraib (1953) and Sone ki Chidiya (1958).

Ismat Chughtai belonged to a family of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, as her daughter, nephew and niece were married to Hindus. She read Qur’an, Geeta and The Bible also.

Today Google celebrates her birth anniversary by dedicating its today’s Doodle to her.

A few of her famous writings are Angarey and Lihaaf which got banned in South Asia because their reformist and feminist content offended conservatives Niqab the veil worn by women in Muslim societies, should be discouraged for Muslim women because it is oppressive and feudal.

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