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Madhya Pradesh: BJP leader Manoj Thackeray on morning walk found dead in a field

The perpetrators, who are yet to be identified, used stones to murder Thackeray, the police said.

Barwani BJP leader Manoj Thackeray has been found dead in a field in Warla police station limits. He was last seen going for a morning walk today.

Barwani ASP said that a blood-stained rock has been found from the crime site. It has been speculation that he was killed with that rock.

Investigation is being done, the police officer said.

Thackeray’s body was found only a few minutes away from the road near Radha Swami Bhawan of village Barwani.

According to Varla police station in-charge Dinesh Kushwaha, Thackeray was murdered by unknown people.

It comes less than a week after Mandsaur Municipal Corporation President Prahlad Bandhwar was shot in Nai Abaadi of Mandsaur. He died on the spot.

A day after the incident, Manish Bairagi, a BJP worker, was arrested in Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh in relation to the death of Bandhwar.

News Credit: India Today

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