Did you know most happily married couples have these 5 common sex habits?
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Did you know most happily married couples have these 5 common sex habits?

Secrets of happily married couples

Not all married couples have an exciting sex life. However, there are a few fortunate ones who have an enviable married life. In case you are wondering how happily married couples manage to keep their love making sessions scintillating, you need not look further. Here are five sex habits that most married couples swear by.

They never shy away from trying out new things
If you want to keep boredom at bay, you should never shy away from trying out new things, be it an exciting sex position or the trending sex toys. A lot of couple face issues in their marital life because of monotony, which can be easily broken if they experiment a little.
They always take out time for sex
We all know how hectic life can be, especially, for working couples. After a tiring day at office, no one is left with any energy to make love to their partner. However, married couples with exciting sex life always manage to keep the excitement alive no matter how tiring their day might be. It do not necessarily mean they have sex every night but getting little naughty before hitting the sack is always manageable, right?
Surprise, surprise!

Who does not like surprises. A lot of marriages crumble because the partners and their habits become predictable. A surprise can be anything—an unplanned weekend trip or a dinner date. Such little surprises keep the partner guessing about the next move (particularly, in the bed), which is a great way to keep the excitement intact.

They always pay attention to their spouse’s needs during sex
Happily married couples know what their partners like. If the husband loves indulging in experimental sex, the wife will ensure that she fulfills his fantasy. If the wife likes foreplay, the husband would never forget to play a little longer with her before they have sex. To maintain a happy relationship it is important that both the partners should be content.
They never hesitate to share their wild fantasies
Everyone has wild fantasies and fetishes. But only happy couples are comfortable sharing their sexual fantasies with each other. Indulging in sexual fantasies and fetishes enables partners to explore each other batter—this is one of the common sex habits of happily married couples.
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