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Will Pragya Successfully Prove Her Identity? : Kumkum Bhagya

In the 10th November episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya tells everyone that Alia is lying, not her. She says that her wedding album is the biggest proof that she is Pragya. Abhi says that the one in the wedding album was his wife, but she is her lookalike. She tells them that he did not like her since their marriage and he’s trying to bring someone else to take her place. The NGO head asks Abhi to stop fooling them with a Bollywood movie script.

Abhi insists that a husband knows who his wife is and who is not.

Pragya tells them that she is his Pragya, his wife, his fuggie. Pragya introduces Dadi, Daasi, Mitali and then calls Tanu – her ‘Soutan’. She blames that Abhi’s sister wants her best friend to become her ‘bhabhi.’ Everyone gets surprised.
Pragya tells them that Alia has always conspired against her and she is the one who has misguided her husband this time too. The lady asks her to bring the proof that she is Abhi’s wife. Abhi also tells her to show the proof otherwise he’ll kick her out of the house right away.

Pragya goes to her room and finds all her belongings kept on the bed. She feels glad while ‘main phir bhi tumko chahungi’ plays in the background.

Everyone waits in the living room and Tanu says that it is Pragya only as she’s not bothered about money or kids, she just wants Abhi. Alia asks her to shut up and let her think that how she will prove Munni’s proofs wrong.

Dadi and Daasi talk to the women and try to convince them that Pragya is missing from last few months and this girl has taken advantage of this situation. Dadi and Daasi tell them that she is illiterate and she’s learned the etiquettes slowly from them. Ajay, Raj and Mitali also support them. The NGO Head gets up and asks them to understand a woman’s pain. She blames Dadi that she is throwing Pragya out of their home so that she can get her grandson married to Tanu.

Abhi asks Dadi and Daasi to wait patiently and let Munni bring proofs.

Pragya comes down and brings a lot of album and other things. Alia and Tanu get worried; Tanu says that this proves that she is Pragya herself.

Pragya shows the award and tells them that they had got this dance award together but then everybody said that they should get the Best Couple award. She reveals that Dadi had blessed them for togetherness when they had brought this award home. Dadi wonders that what she was saying was absolutely true. Pragya states many such instances and recalls Dadi’s words. She then shows them the wedding album while everyone looks on.

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