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Wildfire in California’s Redding goes out of control, evacuation process underway

The wildfire in California, US, has gone out of control and knocked out power in the region, local media said.

The residents of a northern California city on Friday fled the scene after the fire burnt several homes and went out of hands.

Known as Carr Fire, the wildfire has tripled in size to 28,000 acres. The wildfire has crossed the Sacramento River after which the safety of the hundreds of houses on the western fringes, Redding, seems to be at risk.

“The fire is moving so fast that law enforcement is doing evacuations as fast as we can. There have been some injuries to civilians and firefighters,” said California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Scott McLean.

Mclean said, “Its way too dynamic and burning quickly.”

The roads on the outskirts of Redding were blocked by people trying to escape the city.

Power outages were also reported as per Redding’s official website.



News credit : Indiatoday

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