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WhatsApp gave us so many features in 2018 that it is now an app we can’t live without

WhatsApp is an app that has single-handedly changed the face of chat apps. And if we talk about the year 2018 in particular, a lot has changed for the app this year. Jio launched a new feature phone– JioPhone 2–mainly to bring WhatsApp to the feature phone users. Maintaining a symbiosis on its mobile platform, Reliance Jio introduced the support for the social messaging app on to JioPhone as well.

Besides making a debut on to features phones, WhatsApp also got multiple upgrades to its platform all throughout the year. While the year 2017 ended on big features like Delete for everyone, Snapchat-like Stickers, all file type transfer support and likewise, this year it was more about features focussing on calling and Payments through WhatsApp. With year 2018 coming to its end and a new year to look forward to, let’s take a look back at some of the major features that came to WhatsApp this year:

1. WhatsApp for JioPhone: This should be ranked as the top most feature of the year. Jio in September this year finally added the WhatsApp support for its both new as well as old JioPhone. With this, the chat app can now be used by feature phone users too.

2. Group calling: After a long wait, WhatsApp finally added the group call support for its users this year. The feature rolled out in August and allows to make video and voice group chats in the app. For now the feature supports just up to four people. The app recently also added the shortcut button that makes it easier to select participants for group call.

3. WhatsApp Payments: WhatsApp Payments is one of the biggest features of the year. It was announced in February this year but is still under beta trials. The feature has been rolled out to only select number of users for now as it is awaiting a formal nod from Reserve Bank of India for its expansion to 200 million users in India. The WhatsApp in-chat payment feature is a UPI-based payment feature that allows user to both send and receive money.

4. Dismiss as admin: WhatsApp in April this year rolled out the Dismiss as admin feature that allows a group admin to demote the other admin in a group. Earlier the group admin had to remove the other admin from the group and then add him or her again to do so. But the new feature now allows one to directly demote the other admin without removing him or her from the group.

5. WhatsApp PiP mode: This is the latest feature rolled out by the company. The PiP or Picture-in-picture mode is a multi-window mode that allows user to run one video in a small window and simultaneously allowing to navigate between apps. The feature is rolling to both Android and iOS users.




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