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Watch: England fans destroy Swedish furniture store after quarterfinal win

England fans are known for their passionate love for the game of football.

Their celebrations are manic and often border on hooliganism. And when England outclassed Sweden on Saturday, chants of “It’s coming home” grew louder across London and other cities in the country.

On Saturday, England entered their first semi-final since 1990. On the way to the semis, they even broke their penalty shootout jinx when The Three Lions beat Colombia on penalties. Of course, after all of that, the fans were just not going to hold back.

But the celebrations took an ugly turn.


 Some fans in London found an IKEA store in west London and caused absolute mayhem.

Why an IKEA store? Well, there’s a Zlatan Ibrahimovic connection.

Ibrahimovic had challenged Beckham ahead of the England-Sweden quarter-final – if Sweden win the match, the English star would have to buy the Swedish anything from IKEA Sverige, a famous furniture brand in Sweden. He added that if England won, he would buy Beckham dinner at any restaurant in the world.


Beckham responded but set his own terms. If England won, Beckham said Zlatan would have to come down to Wembley and watch England play in a Three Lions jersey AND eat fish and chips.

So there you go! IKEA bore the brunt. Fans, jumped up and down on a bed in the store and kept singing “it’s coming home”.

How did IKEA respond? They congratulated England on the win and announced an offer where England’s favourite fish and chip would be available for just one pound at their store.

While some people made videos and thought it was all funny, others were not impressed by the destruction caused by English fans.

A Twitter user Drew White said that English should be ashamed at themselves for destroying IKEA furniture like that when they were in fact celebrating English win.

Another user Evan shared a video of Croatian fans celebrating their quarter-final win over Russia and said this is how one should celebrating “not by pouring beer over each other and thrashing IKEA”.

However, it was only a group of fans that invaded the IKEA store. For most of England, it was a pompous and huge celebration on the streets.

Twitter has been flooded with videos of England fans celebrating the big victory back home, each of them together singing “it’s coming home”.

Since almost the beginning of the tournament in Russia, fans have been joking about the World Cup coming ‘home’.

From memes to uncanny similarities from 1996, when England won the World Cup, to various permutations and combinations being met, it has been trending throughout.

But as Gareth Southgate’s men have kept marching on, fans have truly started to believe in the theories and they are not jokes anymore.

From fans and former players to the current players, there is an increasing belief that England can win the World Cup this time.

Led by the charismatic and leading goalscorer of the tournament Harry Kane, England have showed steel, ability, fighting spirit and fearlessness to grab hold of the trophy.




News credit : Indiatoday

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