NASA team members viral video

Two NASA team members had a ‘Mars landing handshake’ that’s now going viral

NASA’s InSight probe has safely landed on Mars, but the achievement sparked an epic celebration at the space organisation’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is now going viral. After InSight survived “seven minutes of terror” to touch down safely, engineers and scientists broke out into celebrations with hugs, a celebratory handshake with fist bumps, and dabs!

It stood out also due to the absolute silence of scientists and engineers inside Mission Control, even after the successful landing.

Watch the moment here:


Of course, people noticed the handshake and started talking about it online.

After over six months of travelling through space and covering a journey of more than 300 million miles, NASA’s Mars science lander InSight touched down safely on the surface of the red planet.

Using the lander, NASA plans to study the processes that shaped the rocky planets of the solar system. By using sophisticated geophysical instruments, InSight will address fundamental questions about the formation of Earth-like planets by detecting the fingerprints of those processes buried deep within the interior of Mars, the space agency says.



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