'Unlucky' Restaurant

This ‘Unlucky’ Restaurant Got Hit by a Car Three Times in a Single Year

A restaurant in Denver, Colorado is going viral on social media as the unluckiest hotel in the world. Why? In the last ten months, the restaurants has been hit three times by a car.

The Hornet restaurant recently shared photos of its battered shop front with the BMW that rammed into the now shattered window still in place. The image was widely shared on Instagram and Reddit. Turns out, The Hornet has a history of accidents.

The post elicited several reactions from patrons and regulars as well as others from the neighbourhood who couldn’t believe that this was happening to them again.

Just two weeks ago, the restaurant had been hit by a car that had swerved out of the way to prevent hitting another car and instead smashed into the restaurant window, Denver Post reported. Before that, yet another out-of-control car had broken into the restaurant in February.

However, the restaurant is on its way to recovery and wants future customers to know that the place is completely safe to eat.


News credit : News18 

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