Things Men Do That Turn On Women

Hi guys! I know you all must be very curious to know about the stuff that turns on women. Don’t worry it’s not hard to arouse a woman at all. Women love to get pampered by the person they love. Pampering her is the top most thing that will turn her on. Be gentle towards her and ask her if she’s doing okay. Show her your love and affection towards her. Ya’ll must be thinking that you guys already know all these things. But let me tell you these aren’t the only things that turn on women.

To arouse her you will have to put some efforts. And trust me your efforts are worth it and you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Things That Turn On Women

Gentle Kisses

Gentle Kisses

Never be in a hurry while kissing your girl or if you are in hurry just don’t kiss at all. She loves slow long kisses; yes I’m talking about smooch. Give her some good kisses with your hands on her waist and she will give you a good time. But as you all know exceptions are always there. There are women who like it hard. Do as your girl likes it.

Neck & Forehead Kisses

Forehead Kisses

Let me tell you kisses will always be on top when it comes to arousing a woman. And nothing’s better than neck kisses. Just give her random forehead kisses and you’ll see that she can’t stop blushing. I swear neck and forehead kisses turns on every woman alive on this planet.

Back Rubs

Back Rubs

Even if she doesn’t say it but she loves those impromptu shoulder massages and back rubs. If she’s returning home tiered give her back rubs, she will feel good and relaxed and it also turns her on.

Holding Her Waist From Behind

Holding her waist

I know this must be sounding so filmy and tacky but it’s true. She do love it when you grab her waist from behind. Grab her from behind while she’s doing something or when she’s not aware. This will definitely turn her on

Body Odor

Body Odor

Guys always keep one thing in mind; never go in front of your women stinking. I swear to God that’s the biggest turn off for a woman. And she might not be willing to get along with you for a while. Use real nice deodorants or maybe you can also ask her which deodorant you should use. Now you must be thinking how she can tell you about a man’s deo. But it’s true she can suggest you some good ones.

Eye Contact in Public Areas

Eye Contact

She loves it when you have your eyes set on her despite the crowd surrounding you. Trust me; girls get aroused by eye contacts.

Not Expecting Sexual Activity When She’s Tiered

Cook For Her

You were planning to have a good night with her? Oh! But she came home tiered. Feel busted? Never mind, everyone have their off days. Serve her dinner and do the dishes for her and then give her a good night kiss on the forehead. Your woman will get aroused and will forget about how tiered she is. Then you might get to spend an amazing night or even better than what you were imagining.

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