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SEBI cracks whip on corporates’ reluctance to issue bonds, but will it work unless the RBI too acts in tandem?

The market regulator SEBI has, at last, got tough with big corporates’ reluctance to issue bonds for their long-term needs which in its perception are a time span of more than a year. To start with it wants ‘AA’ rated companies with long-term borrowings of Rs 100 crore or more to access the capital market with issuance […]


Rules Of SBI Minimum Balance And ATM

Customers holding SBI savings bank accounts in metro, urban, semi-urban and rural branches need to pay different penalty amounts for non-maintenance of monthly average balance. SBI or State Bank of India, which accounts for more than a fifth of India’s banking assets, charges a penalty up to Rs. 100 (plus GST of 18 per cent) […]