radio waves from deep space
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‘Repeating’ Radio Waves From Deep Space Baffle Scientists

Astronomers in Canada have detected a mysterious volley of radio waves from far outside our galaxy, according to two studies published Wednesday in Nature.  What corner of the universe these powerful waves come from and the forces that produced them remain unknown.  The so-called repeating fast radio bursts were identified during the trial run last summer of […]

Saudi diplomatic row

Envoy expelled, flights cancelled | 10 developments on Canada-Saudi diplomatic row

The diplomatic row between Saudi Arabia and Canada continues with no signs of reconciliation. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday reiterated that he would keep pressing Saudi Arabia on issues of civil liberties. On the other hand, infuriated over Canada, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said there is no room for mediation. Relations between the two […]


Trump-Putin summit begins today in Helsinki; US president brands Moscow a ‘foe’, might ask for hackers’ extradition

US president Donald Trump branded Russia, the EU and China as “foes” as he prepared Sunday to go head to head with Vladimir Putin at a historic summit shrouded in Moscow’s alleged manipulation of the 2016 US election. Monday’s summit in Helsinki will offer Putin, a former KGB spymaster, and Trump the chance to get […]