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Swara Bhasker trolled for abusing 4-year-old kid who called her aunty, complaint filed

Swara Bhasker was brutally trolled on Twitter for using swear words against a 4-year-old kid who called her aunty.

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker is facing severe backlash on social media for referring to a four-year-old child actor as “chu**ya” and “Kameena” on the chat show Son Of Abish.

A video spreading like a wildfire on social media shows Swara using the swear words for a child actor she worked with in an advertisement during her early days in the film industry.

Apparently, Swara got angry because the child had addressed her as aunty.

In the video clip, the actress is seen speaking about how disappointed she was with the whole shoot, adding that the kid calling her “aunty” only made her angrier.

According to Swara, she did not say the word “chu**ya” on the child actor’s face but uttered it in her thoughts. She added that children were basically “evil”.

No sooner did the video go viral than the Twitterati started slamming the actress. The hashtag #Swara_aunty has been trending on the micro-blogging website since November 5. In fact, #Swara_aunty was among the top trends on Twitter in India all day on November 5.

According to ibtimes, an NGO – Legal Rights Protection Forum – has reportedly filed a complaint with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, and demanded action against Swara.

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