stealing 500 luxury cars

Stealing 500 luxury cars? Yes, this man did it over 5 years in Delhi

This is not your action-packed Bollywood crime thriller where a larger than life protagonist steals cash, antiques, high-end cars, et all, and makes merry with his proceeds. It happened in all three editions of Dhoom.

But reality is different from the silverscreen.

Safruddin, 29, a resident of North Delhi’s Nand Nagri area, learnt this the hard way-a 50-km-long hot pursuit that ended with handcuffs.

The Delhi Police has arrested him for stealing nearly 500 high-tech luxury cars in the city and selling them off in Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and other states.

He also had a prize of Rs 1 lakh on his name.

Over the past five years, he would fly from Hyderabad to Delhi, execute the crime with the help of his accomplice and return to Hyderabad so that he escaped police detection.

Speaking about the case, police said Safruddin told them that he had set a target of stealing 100 luxury cars every year.

“He used to fly to Delhi from Hyderabad carrying a laptop and hi-tech gadgetry to break into the targeted cars’ software, GPS and centralized locking systems,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Rajesh Deo told news agency IANS.

“A team led by Inspector Neeraj Chaudhary and Sub-Inspector Kuldeep had signaled a car to stop near Gagan Cinema on August 3. The driver, later identified as Safruddin, however sped away but was intercepted after a chase of 50 km at Pragati Maidan and arrested,” the DCP said.

When he was interrogated, he reportedly narrated his crime and how he executed the thefts over the years.

On June 5, Safruddin and his four accomplices had opened fire on police at Vivek Vihar. In the shootout, his accomplices Noor Mohammad was killed and one Ravi Kuldeep arrested.




News credit : Indiatoday

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