SIT to probe use of funds for panchayats

Uttarakhand Panchayati Raj Minister Arvind Pandey has recommended a SIT probe into the utilisation of funds sanctioned by the 14th Finance Commission for the panchayats in Uttarakhand.

The minister said that he had asked the Principal Secretary, Panchayati Raj, to make available all the records of purchase undertaken since the commission recommendations came into effect in 2015.

“The scam could go into several crores as the money meant for the panchayats was misused and it did not reach the people,” said Pandey, while speaking with reporters.While examining the day-to-day purchases undertaken by the department for construction of Abdul Kalam Centre, he said, “I was surprised to find that the cost of iron used in the building as mentioned in the bills was several times higher than the market price,” he said.

He said if need be the government would not hesitate to recommend a CBI probe. “Nobody would be spared.

I am surprised, such discrepancies did not come to the notice of the IAS officer who was heading the department.

There is no point in saying an officer is honest, the honesty should be visible in day to day work,” he said.




News credit : TribuneIndia

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