DIG Roopa

Sasikala is enjoying facilities in jail: DIG Roopa

  • “My report is based on facts. I have evidence. I saw differential treatment… the whole corridor left to her (Sasikala),” Roopa said.
  • Roop said she did her duty and added that she has been transferred several times and this was 26th time in 17 years of her service.

Former Karnataka DIG, Prisons D Roopa, who recently went public with her allegations that AIADMK (Amma) general secretary V K Sasikala was provided special facilities+ in the Bengaluru jail in violation of rules, said in an interview to Julie Mariappan, that she had sufficient evidence to back her claim.

Your letter to the government alleging special privileges to Sasikala created a furore.

I did my duty. I have been transferred several times and this is 26th time in 17 years of my service. Transferred and posted as non-executive and executive. I am not inclined to please anyone for postings. All political parties are equidistant.

There are questions raised about the authenticity of the prison photographs and video clippings of Sasikala. What do you say to that?

They are real. My report is based on facts. I have evidence. I saw differential treatment… the whole corridor left to her (Sasikala). There are five rooms … and all rooms are open, they are left to her. Like how we spread our things in different rooms, we do not dump in one room, she spread her things out. She has a bed and cot and a LED TV. There is a convict cooking food for her separately. I have evidence. She has not been accorded any class. She has not been considered class I prisoner or class A. She is an ordinary prisoner. There is no order which says she is a class I or class A prisoner. This differential treatment is illegal.

What was your first reaction when you visited Sasikala in prison? Did you talk to her about the allegations?

I only asked her two questions — I heard you are learning Kannada. Is that so? I asked her where she kept pictures or idols of deities. She showed me where she had kept them. She said she knows very little Kannada, but she could not understand my question too well.

What are your findings? And how did you get to know about it?

There was an incident wherein chief medical officer was assaulted by a convict. No report came to me and no action was taken by jail authorities. So, I visited the prison myself and noted whatever I saw and put it down in writing. Sasikala is one of the many points I have put in the first and second reports. I have written about Telgi (convicted in fake stamp paper racket) and about drugs. Of the 25 prisoners tested, 18 were tested positive for ganja, which means ganja is supplied continuously. Mobiles are being used. Annual maintenance contract is given for a huge amount to a private company, but jammers are under repair. Jail authorities are not bothered to set it right. This shows a deliberate attempt to allow them to use ganja, mobile and so on.
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