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Reham’s biography fails to flatten Imran Khan’s voter base

Reham Khan’s bouncer had shocked Pakistan and especially her ex-husband and cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan.

Startling revelations on Imran’s personal life, including his 10-month marriage to Reham, and political career, stormed the nation after the manuscript of the former BBC weather girl’s tell-all biography was leaked online.

With a few hours left before Pakistan goes to vote, the e-version of the much-awaited biography, available on, has already made headlines.

However, the book has not been able to influence the supporters, fans and voters of Imran, who is a frontrunner in the elections.

“Reham was not completely successful in her mission to destroy Imran’s character in the aftermath of the public spectacle during her divorce. With this book, she has only accomplished to cast a deep and troubling shadow on her own, by attacking many unrelated parties who end up becoming collateral damage in the war between two former spouses,” wrote London-based author Naeem Ghauri in The Express Tribune.

“A literary giant Reham is not, but what may fail her would not be the lack of a lucid narrative in her book, but the malicious intent with which she wrote it; one that could misfire spectacularly and not succeed in disrupting Imran’s political juggernaut, even though the book’s many stakeholders are hoping for the reverse,” Ghauri further wrote.

It is believed that most of the contents of the book and the expressive explicit detailing of events has not been accepted by most of the people in Pakistan, most of whom have not even read it.

Soon after the manuscript was leaked, Imran’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s social media groups were quick to launch a counter-campaign calling on people to not read or buy Reham’s book. Some also say that Reham’s book in light of the details is nothing more than a last-resort attempt to cash in on her 10-month association with Imran.

“Reham Khan is well aware that she has got a lot of fame because of Imran Khan. Other than that, her journalistic career has been filled with failures-be it in the BBC or in locals channels of Pakistan. And after the divorce from Khan, her book seems to be the last call from her side aimed as cashing in on her lost name,” said a social media expert.

The hue and cry that the book got before its official release probably failed to make a similar impact on its release and has not deterred Imran’s supporters from backing him or even questioning his character.




News credit : Indiatoday

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