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Ravi Joshi, India’s very own Paul Adams

BHOPAL: Remember South African spinner Paul Adams who was known for his uncanny bowling action. Ravi Joshi, a left arm spinner, playing from Rewa team in Madhya Premier Leaguecricket tournament at Bab-e-Aali Stadium in Bhopal has gone a step ahead.

His twisting hands while delivering the ball on the pitch is such that even batsman would get confused about his delivery.

Ravi has become cynosure of the tournament due to his unorthodox bowling action. His action is such that nobody would understand about which hand he is using to throw the ball on the pitch. “It is true that people make fun of my action. I can’t help as it is my natural action,” said 21-year-old Ravi.




News credit : TimesofIndia


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