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Pune Smart City Area To Be Expanded By 150 Per cent

The current Pune Smart City Proposal includes transformation of around 950 acres of Aundh-Baner-Balewadi area and there are plans to extend it by 150 per cent.

Under criticism over failure to deliver desired results, the Pune Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (PSCDCL) has proposed to increase its jurisdiction of operation for area-based development. PSCDCL cited the need to show better results of the smart city projects being implemented in the area selected for development. The area of Aundh-Baner-Balewadi was selected under area development category under the smart city mission.

The current Smart City Proposal (SCP) for Pune includes transformation of around 950 acres of part of Aundh-Baner-Balewadi area and there are plans to extend it by 150 per cent. An investment of Rs 2,196 crore is earmarked for transformation of the area through 34 local area development projects.

In a proposal tabled in the board of directors, the PSDCL said there was need to increase the area selected for development under smart city mission to improve desired impact of key projects of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, bicycle lanes, solid waste management, street redesign, as they have not been achieved due to space and terrain limitations.

The expansion of the area would help to create continuity in transport network across entire administrative boundaries of Aundh-Baner-Balewadi and improve new transport assets utilisation, it said.

It would also help in activating additional social infrastructure projects such as schools, hospitals, sports complex, play grounds, cultural centre and additional place making locations required to meet area development objective of Aundh-Baner-Balewadi.

The PSCDCL said there was a need for an integrated development effort across entire electoral boundaries of Aundh-Baner-Balewadi to realise maximum benefits of traffic management, road network, sewage and water works, utilities and solid waste management.

After the consent of the board of directors, the PSCDCL would undertake detailed analysis of the geographical area under consideration in area-based development, detail structuring of projects vis-à-vis original plan, citizens engagement on their requirements and feedback on proposed projects alongwith financial analysis of new plan.

The company has also proposed four new projects of smart pole, smart schools, environment, heritage and tourism for the local area development under the Smart City Mission.

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