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Promising to meet teacher, minister fails to turn up

After promising the aggrieved headmistress Uttara Bahuguna a visit and a patient hearing, Minister of School Education Arvind Pandey failed to turn up at her house on Tuesday.

During the episode that unfolded at the CM’s residence, Pandey was not in town but under pressure he had reportedly spoken with the teacher on the telephone and had assured her that he would visit her on July 3.

“I kept waiting for the minister but he did not turn up,” said Bahuguna.Significantly, Director, School Education Rakesh Kunwar, had visited the teacher on Monday and discussed the issue.

“He did not promise me anything but said that everything would be done according to the transfer Act,” said Uttara Bahuguna.After receiving a lot of flak over the issue, speculation is rife that the Chief Minister has asked his minister to back off and instead asked the officers to deal with the matter at their own level. “As a last-ditch effort the department is contemplating deploying her in Dehradun on attachment and bury the matter once for all,” said a government official.




News credit : TribuneIndia

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