Diving licence test will be video-recorded

Practical Tests For Driving License Will Now Be Video-Recorded

The next time you are tested at the wheel for a driving licence, be prepared to have your performance video-recorded.

The AAP government informed the Delhi high court on Friday that it had agreed to the court’s suggestion to record practical tests taken by applicants as a step to prevent untrained or rash drivers from getting licences.

“We are in the process of informing our training schools that they should do the needful,” government standing counsel Satyakam told a bench of acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar. Videographers will be hired to record outdoor tests for both commercial and light vehicles, he said. The bench had suggested the move during the last date of hearing in April. The lawyer said the government and its transport department had also decided that closed circuit cameras will be installed in areas where written tests are conducted.

HC then asked the government to file a status report detailing the procedure and how it intends to go about implementing it, along with the time frame.The court is hearing a PIL demanding tightening of norms for granting licenses to prospective drivers to ensure that those who can’t driver properly or are prone to rash driving don’t manage to get a licence.

In his PIL, social activist Pawan Kumar alleged that there was collusion and rampant corruption in the city’s transport department, and blamed its officials for a spate of accidents causing by speeding or rash driving.He also sought directions to the department and other agencies to reduce accidents by untrained drivers, who need to be identified at the very first stage when they apply for a license.

On the last date of hearing, Justice Mittal wondered why the department doesn’t videograph the tests under taken by applicants to check corruption by its staff and bring in greater transparency in the process

HC recommended that the recordings of such practical tests must be preserved for a long time to zero in on people who cause accidents due to reckless driving

A driving licence is granted under the Motor Vehicles Act that provides for certain preliminary tests for every candidate. Earlier, the Delhi government had assured the court it had revoked improperly granted licences, displayed the list of such licences on the website and also taking other measures to ensure that the

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