Politicians Deserves NAtional Awards Said Actor Prakash Raj
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Politicians Deserves National Awards Said Actor Prakash Raj

Actor Prakash Raj said on Monday that he had no intention of returning the awards given in recognition of his talent.Raj’s clarification follows his remark on Sunday that politicians like UP CM Yogi Adityanath are bigger actors and they deserved the national awards given to him.

Raj’s remarks at the inauguration of state conference of CPM’s youth wing DYFI in Bengaluru were perceived as an intention to return his awards. At the event, he had criticized PM Modi for his silence on trolls hurling abuses on social media against those who condemned Gauri Lankesh’s murder. “I haven’t heard such bad language in all my life, that the trolls are using against me on Twitter and Facebook. It is astonishing that these people are being followed by the prime minister, and the PM is silent about it,” said Raj. Referring to the UP chief minister being a pontiff and also holding the CM’s office, Raj said Adityanath was performing a dual role, like an actor.

“Watching the video of Yogi Adityanath, one should appreciate his acting prowess. He is performing the dual role of chief minister as well as priest. I have won five national awards. But these politicians deserve these awards,” he said.
While his remarks were perceived as an intention to return the national awards, Raj clarified on Monday that he had never said he wanted to return his awards. “I am not so dumb to return the awards given in recognition of my talent and hard work.The reports saying I offered to return the awards are baseless,” he told a news channel.
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