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Patients in Madhya Pradesh suffer as doctors’ strike enters Day 3

The Madhya Pradesh government has suspended 20 junior doctor-leaders across five medical colleges and hospitals in the state in a bid to force the striking doctors to return to work.

Junior doctors across the five medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh went on strike on Monday and have threatened to continue their strike for the third consecutive day today.

The junior doctors are demanding an increase in their stipend to Rs 20,000 a month.

Health services across the five medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh remained crippled on Tuesday as patients were sent back from hospital gates in the absence of doctors in Out Patient Department (OPD). The health services are likely to deteriorate further if doctors continue their strike today.

“The government has issued suspension orders of 20 doctors across five medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh but this will not deter us from seeking redressal of our genuine concerns. The strike will continue till an increase in our stipends is announced,” a leader of the striking junior doctors said while talking to India Today TV on phone.

There are five government hospital-cum-medical colleges across Madhya Pradesh. They are in Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur and Rewa.

The junior doctors are continuing their strike despite imposition of the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA).

The government of Madhya Pradesh has also directed the deans of the five medical colleges to inform the parents of the striking junior doctors. “The deans have been asked to tell the parents to ask their wards to resume duties, failing which their hostel facilities would be withdrawn,” an additional director of health in Bhopal told India Today TV.

Undeterred by the government threat, junior doctors at the Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal started preparing to vacate their hostels on Tuesday night. “The government is behaving in a high-handed manner. They are not even listening to our long-pending, genuine demands. They are threatening to throw us out from hostels but we have planned to vacate the hostels on our own. Hostels or no hostels, the strike will continue,” a striking junior doctor told India Today TV.

The striking junior doctors across the five medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh have also submitted en mass resignations, but the government is yet to act on them. On Tuesday, around 1,200 junior doctors at five government hospitals in the state resigned to protest the “expulsion” of five of their colleagues in Gwalior.

In a meeting between the Bhopal commissioner, Kavindra Kiyavat, and the striking junior doctors, the administration urged the latter to resume their work.

“We are being threatened. They are saying we will be shown the hospital doors. They are threatening to suspend us but the central Junior Doctors Association (JuDA) has decided to continue the strike till our demands are met,” Dr Abhinav Narvaria, secretary JuDA, Bhopal, said after the meeting.



News credit : Indiatoday

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