On the ramp to glory

Italy, Assam, Kolkata…there was nothing really connecting the lives of these girls, apart from the similar vital stats and the fact that they all came together (some on car pool, others on public transport) from backgrounds far and varied to clear the model auditions for the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week’s winter festive edition.

The newcomers break some cliches as they narrate their journeys of making it to the world of modelling.

Grace & elegance

From a very young age, 24-year-old arts graduate Priti Jana from Kolkata was enamoured by the grace and elegance that models carried themselves with. “And it has been my pursuit ever since to be a part of this industry,” she shares excitedly. But it takes more than wide-eyed adoration to make it to the field that is known for things more bad than good. When the pull is so strong, who cares about the factors pulling you back?Mariana Vilela Falaschi from the Pescolanciano region of Italy is drawn to this career because of the sheer opportunities for travelling. “Traveling while working is a dream coming true,” shares the otherwise Brazil born beauty, who is a qualified bachelors in veterinary sciences. “My main struggle is the pressure I feel regarding measurements and appearances. It’s an extremely competitive field comprising some of the most beautiful girls, so the pressure to look good is always on.” So much so that 22-year-old Sharvi Bhujbal, from Mumbai has had to give herself a pep talk every time the competition got to her. “After all, thousands of aspiring models come to Mumbai every month,” adds the arts graduate.

As struggling models…

Starting from far back in Assam, Rewati Chetri has battled it all, with some of her toughest days being when she initially shifted to Mumbai. “I struggled with the long and odd working hours, uncountable auditions, rejections and the fear of uncertainty of next paid projects,” opens up the 24-year-old commerce graduate. Similarly, it has taken 20-year-old Rishitha Koruturu a lot of effort and struggle to reach where she stands today. “It has definitely been difficult to groom myself to fit the bill for a nationally recognised platform. The uncertainty, anxiety and emotional stress are all a part of the game.”However, the fourth-year engineering student from Hyderabad has always been game for a good challenge. “I’ve always been a heterodox, be it switching from being a trained classical singer to western music through guitar or taking up mechanical engineering as my branch in Being a part of this industry gives me the opportunity to meet so many different people.”

Baby steps

As much as the stress and competition, what they swear by is the right modelling agency. Like any other 21-year-old, science student Dechka Asthakumar had no plans of pursuing modelling. “The journey began when I happened to audition for a competition during my vacation. My agency, scouted me in Bengaluru and there has been no looking back since,” adds the girl, who too swears by the importance of the right agency. “I started modelling recently and don’t know much about the industry. Hence, the right agency is important to mentor you.”Adds Priti, “The biggest change, which is a boon for aspiring models, is the surge of modeling agencies, a complete contrast from how things were a decade ago.” Rishitha Koruturu couldn’t agree more, “All one needs are some basic Polaroids. Aspiring models also need to be well-informed of industry standards and Internet has made everything ten times easier. Information about agencies, designers, photographers, their work and their contact details are all a click away.” But what doesn’t come at the click of a button is self-esteem, for which, laughs Mariana, “I work on my self-esteem constantly.” Aspiring models are you listening?



News credit : TribuneIndia

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