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OMG! Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat says her husband tried to strangulate her

Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat has been through hell and back. From her troubled marriage to unfortunate miscarriage, this year has been quite taxing for her.

The actress parted ways with husband Vlad Stanescu for allegedly conning her. She had accused him of being a fraudster and threw him out of her house. The actress said that he lied about being an interior designer and he was in fact in huge debt. Also, Sofia got a shocker when she came to know that that Vlad sold the wedding ring for only Rs 1.5 lakh.

Well, this is not all. Recently she poke to SpotboyE, and revealed that her husband had tried to strangulate her. And she has filed a police complaint against Vlad.

She said, “Yes, that’s true. Vlad tried to strangulate me. I have done what was required. The police are now looking out for him. I filed the complaint yesterday. We still don’t know if he is in London or Romania. The police thinks he is psycho; he doesn’t remember things, makes up stories and he tries to convince you that you are imagining things. Besides the things which I have revealed earlier, would u believe that he was hiding my socks too and saying that he doesn’t know where they are.”

“He once questioned me that why hadn’t I included his name as the beneficiary in my will. I told him that you don’t ask such things to people whom you love. But he said that he needs to think along those lines.”

The controversial model, who had earlier planned to renounce the world to embrace spirituality, gave marriage a chance after meeting Vlad Stanescu, a Romanian ‘interior designer’. She tied the knot with him last year in a lavish Egyptian wedding.





News credit : Indiatoday

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