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Now, you may be fined up to Rs 25,000 for littering

DEHRADUN: Think twice next time you roll down the car window to dump trash on the road. Dehradun police will slap fines of up to Rs 25,000 on those littering public spaces.

According to Nivedita Kukreti, senior superintendent of police (SSP), Dehradun, “Police and Dehradun Municipal Corporation will take a tough stance against people found littering the road or any other public place in the city. A maximum fine of Rs 25,000 would be imposed in cases where a huge amount of garbage is illegally dumped from a truck, tractor or any other commercial vehicle. In other cases, a penalty of Rs 5,000 would be issued.”
On Saturday, the DMC issued 51 challans and collected Rs 26,500 in fines from people dumping garbage in open spaces. An FIR was also filed by police on Friday against a man found dumping garbage from a truck in land near secretariat. “We filed an FIR in the Kotwali police station following a complaint by the municipal corporation,” said SSP Dehradun.
Uttarakhand anti-littering and anti-spitting Act 2016 which also empowers sub-inspectors to impose a fine on any person found littering or dumping garbage in public spaces.
Dr R K Singh, sanitation officer, Dehradun municipal corporation, said that an intensive cleanliness drive had already been launched in the city. “We have told our teams to penalize as many litterers as they can. The fines start from Rs 200 and violators can also be imprisoned for up to six months.”
Residents, however, said that whether the rule is implemented effectively remained to be seen.
Anmol Kukreja, a resident, said, “There are hundreds of laws in the country but most of them remain unenforced. Look at anti-littering campaigns and ban on polythene in Haridwar. They failed to change the ground reality.”

News Credit: Times of India

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