Model Receives Threatening Messages For Showing Unshaved Legs

Model Avida Receives Threatening Messages For Showing Unshaved Legs

The 26 year old Model Arvida featured in an advert promoting a new brand of trainers in which she talks about ideas of femininity and sits around wearing a white dress, a pink top, and bare legs. But she received a lot of hate on social media post the video was released by the company. 

As she was unshaved wearing the mini white dress, a lot of people commented hatred & abusive statements against the model.

Comments still up on the YouTube video include ‘horrible! Burn it with fire!’, ‘shave your legs’, ‘disgusting’, and ‘good luck getting a boyfriend’. There’s one comment that calls Arvida’s legs a ‘Swedish anti-rape tactic’.

Others comments may have been reported and taken down. Not only on youtube but Arvida said that she got worse aggressive & rape threat messages on her DM on Instagram and she was highly surprised with it.

Arvida wrote, “Me being such an abled, white, cis body with its only nonconforming feature being a lil leg hair.”

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