MHRD Informed Education Boards To Stop Spiking Marks In Boards

MHRD Informed Education Boards To Stop Spiking Marks In Boards

The ministry of human resource development (MHRD) on Friday issued an advisory to state education boards and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to stop the practice of spiking of marks in class X and class XII board exams from 2018.

However, the system of awarding ‘grace marks’ to students who need only a few marks to pass will continue, but this information has to be disclosed on the school and the state boards’ websites.

The school boards may continue with their moderation policy and grant marks for papers with “unusually difficult” or “ambiguous” questions and offer a level-playing field to all students in the evaluation process.

Spiking refers to inflation of marks by boards in order to bring parity in the pass percentage with respect to the previous year’s statistics.

 “Bunching of marks and their spiking should be completely avoided. The practice of awarding grace marks should continue to pass their borderline cases (students who are failing by a few marks),” the advisory issued by school education secretary Anil Swarup said.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and 32 other boards had come to a consensus on scrapping of the moderation policy in a meeting held on April 24 this year. However, the Delhi High Court had asked the CBSE not to scrap the policy, saying it was not advisable to implement the change mid-way.

The Centre has also set up a panel to ensure uniform marking for students appearing for Class 12 exam in 2018.

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