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Mark Hamill sends out the perfect Star Wars tweet on Father’s Day

Mark Hamill, known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, has posted the best or worst, depending on your perspective, wish for Father’s Day.

He put up a picture of Darth Vader with the caption, “#HappyFathersDay.” It is a truth known across the galaxy that Darth Vader, probably the greatest villain in Star Wars’ history, is the very definition of a bad father. Everything he does can be put into a list of “Things not to do as a father.”

Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy. A young man destined for great things, Luke was strong with the Force, a supernatural power that suffuses all things. He is told that his father was a Jedi Knight who was murdered by Darth Vader, a Sith Lord, who is basically Sauron with a lightsaber.

And then, in one of the biggest twists in cinema’s history, Darth Vader, while sparring with Luke Skywalker, revealed to him, “I am your father.” Chances are you have heard of this line even if you have not had any encounter with the franchise. In short, Darth Vader was not a father any sane person would prefer and so this tweet is another one of Mark’s snarks. He is one of the most entertaining actors not just on the screen but also on Twitter where he keeps regaling his followers.

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi last year, Mark Hamill once more assumed the mantle of Luke Skywalker, taking over from his cameo in 2015’s The Force Awakens. Luke died in The Last Jedi and so it is unlikely that we will see Hamill in this iconic role again. Hamill is also known to be the definitive voice of another iconic character Joker in Batman animated shows, movies and video-games.




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