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The story of two strangers who met on a flight and formed a romantic connection has captivated thousands on Twitter, after the woman sitting behind them documented their every interaction in a viral thread.

Many people have been left wondering who the couple were and what became of them, as they were last seen walking through the airport together.

However, wonder no more, as one of the two has seemingly confirmed his identity on social media.


Euan Holden, a retired professional footballer and model, was sitting in front of Rosey Blair when he and his plane companion struck up conversation.

While Blair was keeping her Twitter followers updated with every detail of their burgeoning relationship, relaying that the pair had several things in common such as being vegetarian and being interested in fitness, Holden was apparently completely aware that they were being watched.

“Hilarious… Knew you were taking pictures,” he wrote on Twitter in response to one of Blair’s tweets.

Once Holden revealed that he was indeed one of the pair involved in the “love” story, he began being probed for more information from those desperate to find out more.

When asked what happened when he and the woman left their seats at the same time to go to the bathroom, he wrote: “A gentleman would never say.”

He’s now been dubbed “Plane Bae” and has coined the hashtag “#CatchingFlightsANDFeelings” to summarise the story.

While Holden has provided an interesting update to the engrossing tale of romance, many are still keen for more details on what happened next.

“Omg please update us,” one person wrote on Twitter. “I am here in Kenya eastern Africa waiting for updates,” while another individual also commented saying: “Hanging out for this Down Under in Australia!!”

It all began when Blair asked the woman if she would switch seats with her so that she and her boyfriend could sit together.

Blair even joked with her boyfriend that “maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life.”

As the plane journey progressed, Holden and the woman followed each other on Instagram and even showed each other photos of their families.

Holden has teased that further updates are on the way, tweeting: “Lots to talk about guys, thanks for the patience and all the love and support.”




News credit : Independent

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