Mamata Banerjee Refused To Link Her Aadhar With Her Phone Number

Mamata Banerjee Refused To Link Her Aadhar With Her Phone Number

Mamata Banerjee said she will not comply with it even if her phone connection is snapped. She said the TMC will protest even if all its party leaders are sent to jail.

Making no qualms about showing her open defiance against the policies of the Narendra Modi government, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday declared, “I am not going to give my Aadhaar number to [mobile] service providers and if that amounts to getting my service snapped, so be it.”

“This is an assault on privacy. I understand if they ask Aadhaar for banks. But why do they want it for mobile connectivity? Do they want to keep a tab on what I am talking over cell phone? Are they trying to lend an ear to private talks?” Mamata said at the extended Trinamool core committee meeting in Kolkata on Wednesday. She directed the party’s social media team to start an online drive against this SIM-linking “dictat”.

Mamata also rode on the growing public agony over two other “very unpopular” issues – demonetisation and GST – to take on the BJP which has been taking a moral high ground for all these days when a section of Trinamool ministers are facing CBI probe over Ponzi scams. She pitched for total aggression against the saffron party, while rolling out a month-long campaign from November 8 to December 15.

“People have suffered and are not being able to open up because Gabbar Singhs (BJP men) are on the prowl,” she said. On Monday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi had dubbed GST as ‘Gabbar Singh Tax.

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