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Lunar eclipse 2018: Planning to have sex tonight? Don’t – here’s why

On June 15, we will see the century’s longest and darkest lunar eclipse. On this occasion, gives you all that you need to know about the phenomenon.

Renuka Rao gets astrologer Soniyaa Bhagiyaa to give a list of dos and don’ts.Earlier:What lunar eclipse means in different parts of world

Aeons ago, when gods and demons fought to establish control over mortals, Lord Vishnu, in the form of the sultry and sensuous Mohini descended to earth to resolve the conflict.

The churning of the ocean produced the amrit or sweet nectar that guaranteed immortality to all those who consumed it, thus triggering a tug of war between both the parties. Mohini, with her fatal charm, persuaded them to let her distribute the sweet nectar to the gods first and the malevolent demons next.

In the meanwhile, Rahu, a demon, not wanting to miss out on the chance to immortality, disguised himself and stealthily sat next to the seven planets in the gods’ row. This trick did not go unnoticed as the Sun and the Moon gods exposed him before everybody.

But it was too late, as Rahu had already had a sip of the nectar by then. He was soon beheaded, his torso immortalised as Rahu and the lower part of his body as Ketu. Ever since, he has been troubling the Sun and the Moon to avenge the humiliation they subjected him to. So, the solar and lunar eclipses occur when Rahu positions himself between the Sun/Moon and the earth.

“In the Hindu shastras, this event is considered to be an extremely inauspicious one, and consequently, the eclipses or grahas are believed to be a sign of bad omen,” says Mumbai-based astrologer and tarot card reader Dr Soniyaa Bhagiyaa.

Bhagiyaa lists down a string of precautionary dos and don’ts for believers to follow on this occasion.

* Do not sleep, eat or drink in the entire duration between 12.53 am to 3.33 am.    * Do not indulge in any kind of togetherness, including sexual intimacy    * Do not make use of scissors, knives, and needles    * Do not touch images and idols of deities    * Take bath at the start and end of the eclipse    * Do not subject yourself to any kind of entertainment    * Pregnant women are advised to not even watch the eclipse    * Chanting mantras or prayers will guarantee success because of the positive aura at the time of the eclipse    * Deeds of charity will bear fruits

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