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“Lie Hard”: Rahul Gandhi’s Hollywood-Inspired Dig At BJP

In October, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had famously expanded the GST as “Gabbar Singh Tax”, likening it to Bollywood blockbuster Sholay’s iconic villain Gabbar Singh who “covets people’s earnings”

NEW DELHI: A day after the Congress’s new President Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for what he called an “architecture of lies”, this morning, on Twitter, the die-hard movie buff quipped if the BJP were to make a film franchise, it would be called Lie Hard, referencing the Die Hard series, an American action series comprising five films.

A special court on Thursday acquitted all the accused in the 2G scam, one of the biggest corruption scandals erupted during former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government.

“You all know the truth now about 2G, the truth is in front of you,” 47-year-old Rahul Gandhi said.

The foundation of the ruling party was based on “lies” and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Gujarat model’ was “flawed and fake”, Mr Gandhi alleged yesterday after chairing a meeting of the Congress Working Committee – his first since becoming party chief.

“If you see the Modi model in Gujarat, it was a lie, clearly. When we went to Gujarat and we spoke to the people of Gujarat, they said there is no model. What is going on is the stealing of resources of the people of Gujarat and that’s their design,” he added.

Mr Gandhi alleged that whether it was putting Rs. 15 lakh each in bank accounts, the 2G spectrum case, or the Modi model, “one by one the lies are coming out”.

During his long and extensive campaign in Gujarat, Mr Gandhi impressed all with his wit and film analogies. In October, he had famously expanded the GST as “Gabbar Singh Tax”, likening it to Bollywood blockbuster Sholay’s iconic villain Gabbar Singh who “covets people’s earnings”.

Later, he chose a cult phrase from Star Wars series to target Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. “Dear Mr Jaitley, May the Farce be with you,” tweeted the Congress chief. He was referring to the government’s statement regarding the GDP growth average in the last three years of the BJP rule.

Recently, when the air pollution in Delhi-NCR hit emergency levels, Mr Gandhi picked a couplet from a song from the 1978 film Gaman to describe the experience of breathing in a city wrapped in smog.

“Seene mein jalan/aankhon mein toofaan sa kyun hai/ iss sheher mein/ har shaqs/ pareshaan saa kyun hai…(Pain in the chest, storm in the eyes/ why is everybody in the city so troubled),” he tweeted.

Referring to a “saheb” in the next line, he wonders why the saheb is silent despite knowing everything. “Kya batayeinge saheb, sab jaankar anjaan kyun hain?” Mr Gandhi asked on Twitter.

News Credit: NDTV

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