Kamal Haasan Said He'll Enter Politics If Polls Are Held In 100 days

Kamal Haasan Said He’ll Enter Politics If Polls Are Held In 100 days

For the first time ever, South Indian film star Kamal Haasan gave a clear indication on the timeline of his entry into politics, saying on Thursday that if elections are held in the next 100 days, “I will be there”.

Speaking to Times Now editor-in-chief Rahul Shivshankar, Kamal also indicated that he is unlikely to have “any business with any of the existing political parties”.

Kamal said while he will cooperate with all parties, he won’t align with any of them. “I am not going to do business with any of them. I will go alone,” he announced. Replying to a question on the internal squabbles within AIADMK and the possibility of assembly polls in three months (or 100 days), Kamal said, “This is a forced marriage… The bride, that’s the people of Tamil Nadu, wants to be out of the marriage. If there is election in 100 days, I will be there.”

In another big revelation, Kamal said he had met actor Rajinikanth and apprised him of his intention to enter the political arena. “I had met Rajinikanth 4-5 weeks back… Both of us were working… [I] had a conversation… Both of us have a common target, first fight corruption… But I will take a different route, he takes another. We didn’t discuss the details, so there was no disagreement there. I hugged him and told him that I am going in.”

When Rajini too enters the ring, it would be interesting to see how the battle of the two Tamil superstars shapes up. Kamal, however, says they have agreed to “set an example” as political rivals. “We have been in the cinema field as competitors, but in politics we want to set an example. I will not take pot shots at him, he will also do the same,” Kamal said.

Showing no intention of holding back his punches, Kamal delivered a direct snub to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on his allegation of the government muzzling people’s freedom of expression. When asked of his point of view on Rahul’s statement that the Narendra Modi government is the most oppressive government,

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