Jet Airways Had To Divert Mumbai-Delhi Flight To Ahmedabad

Jet Airways Had To Divert Mumbai-Delhi Flight To Ahmedabad

Jet Airways plane from Mumbai-Delhi diverted to Ahmedabad after ‘threat letter’ found onboard. Letter warned of explosions in plane unless it is taken to PoK. Plane landed safely at Ahmedabad, departed for Delhi after checking and security clearance.

 Jet Airways’s Mumbai-Delhi flight on Monday morning had to be diverted to Ahmedabad after a warning note was found in the lavatory of the Boeing 737 that warned of presence of hijackers on board.

A crew member found the note written in Urdu and English, warning of blowing the aircraft up mid-air unless it is diverted to PoK.

The flight had taken off from Mumbai at 2.55 am and after the discovery of this note, the pilot informed air traffic control that “I have got a letter saying explosives and hijackers are on board.” As soon as the crew informed ground authorities of the note while heading for Ahmedabad, a bomb threat assessment committee comprising of top security and aviation officials was formed to tackle the situation.

As per procedure, the crew was asked to land at the nearest airport which happened to be Ahmedabad. It landed safely there at 3.48 am and was taken to a remote bay and subjected to a thorough checks. Nothing dangerous was found on the pane and it was cleared for further flights at 6.40 am by the bomb detection and disposal squad.

A Jet Airways statement said: “Jet Airways flight 9W 339 of October 30, 2017, a Boeing 737-900 from Mumbai to Delhi, diverted to Ahmedabad following declaration of an emergency as per established security procedures, due to the detection of an onboard security threat. The aircraft landed without incident at Ahmedabad and was parked at a remote bay, where all 115 guests and 7 crew members were safely deplaned. Jet Airways is extending full cooperation to the security agencies who are investigating the matter and is not in a position to comment further at this stage. The airline regrets the inconvenience caused to its guests and is making efforts to bring them to Delhi at the earliest.”

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