Japanese med school admits it changed exam scores to keep women out

A  medical school in Tokyo has confirmed reports stating that it systematically altered the results of the entrance exams to prevent female applicants from taking admission.

A few days after a report by a Japanese broadcaster stated that manipulation in entrance exam scores have removed as much as 10 per cent of woman candidates, Tokyo Medical University confirmed that it systematically altered the results. The medical school admitted that they have been doing this since the year 2000 or even earlier.

The allegations surfaced after the medical school came under the scanner for granting admission to the son a top education bureaucrat in exchange of a favour. The report said that scores of female applicants were slashed by about 10 per cent.

The internal investigation found the school first reduced all applicants’ first-stage scores to 80 per cent then added up to 20 points only to male applicants with three or fewer application tries.

The school wanted fewer female doctors because it anticipated they would become mothers and would shorten or halt their careers.

This case of systematic discrimination has led to widespread protests in Japan. Dozens of people gathered outside the university to protest. Social media was also flooded with angry messages.





News credit : Indiatoday

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