Janhvi Kapoor dating Ishaan Khatter
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Is Janhvi Kapoor dating Ishaan Khatter? Here is her answer

Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter’s growing proximity during the making of Shashank Khaitan’s Dhadak set tongues wagging. Rumours doing the rounds suggested that their love spilled off-screen, although some dismissed the link-up as a publicity gimmick.

When Janhvi and her half-brother Arjun Kapoor came on Karan Johar’s chat show, the filmmaker had to talk about the “conjecture” in innumerable gossip columns. Even though Janhvi insisted she was not in a relationship with Ishaan, Arjun seemed to think otherwise.

“Well, he is always around her,” he reasoned. When Karan quipped that he made Ishaan sound like a bee, Arjun said, “No, no, because he jumps off buildings.” Janhvi maintained that he was “just trying some stunts”, to which Arjun replied, without missing a beat, “To woo you!”

An exasperated Janhvi exclaimed, “No!” before asking Arjun, “Whose team are you on?”


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Recently, in an interview with a leading magazine, Ishaan was asked if he had found a true friend in Janhvi during the making of Dhadak and he replied, “Yes 100 per cent and it’s going to be a lifelong friendship. It felt like being on set with your best friend. Touchwood! There was a lovely energy on the set during the making of the film.”




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