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Integrated master’s programme in Computer Science

NIIT University (NU), offers Integrated MSc Programme in Computer Science for biology students with specialisations in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Big Data/Data Sciences, Cyber Security, Mobile Technologies & Applications and Cloud Computing.

The four-year Integrated MSc. programme for biology students provides an overview of computing, an understanding of the concepts, principles and skills in their application, extension and a practical experience in computing, as applied to biology.

The programme is designed for students who have opted for physics, chemistry and biology without mathematics in Class XI and XII, and who wish to pursue a career in computer science.To enable students to cope with the rigor of the computer science discipline which rests heavily on mathematics, NU has designed this course with a bridge programme in mathematics. Students who choose biology-related concentration areas such as Bioinformatics and Computational Biology can work in both IT and Biotechnology, Pharma, Healthcare and allied companies in cross-functional roles such as Bioinformatics Analyst and Computational Biologist. Speaking on the occasion, Prof V S Rao, President, NU said, “There are a host of opportunities available to biology students today apart from medical and dental courses. Students who opted for biology can today aspire for challenging careers even in the IT & ITES industry along with new and exciting opportunities in pharma and healthcare sectors. Towards this, NU offers Integrated M.Sc. programme in Computer Science that is in sync with the current industry requirements and provides a practical experience in computing, as applied to biology.”The programme has industry-linked curriculum which can be customised up to 31 per cent by students through specialisations, electives and projects. NU also offers students an opportunity to transfer learnings from the classroom to the industry workplace for 6 months through industry practice in the final semester of the programme. The programme also enables students to sit with BTech CSE students during the placements. MSc students have the opportunity to participate in R&D projects in the sixth semester as per the curriculum.

Those interested can also undertake projects under faculty guidance during the summer breaks. Also, the industry practice in the last semester can be done in an R&D organisation for those with a research bent of mind. Students are also encouraged to publish and present research papers at international conferences and journals.To apply for Integrated MSc programme visit

Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Programme

In a world where data security, privacy, and information symmetry are becoming more critical every day, the evolution of Blockchain technology as a potential solution to these challenges has evinced great interest in the job market. Udacity, the Silicon Valley-based learning platform, has launched the Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Program to enable students to explore opportunities in the blockchain development space. The curriculum of this programme has been developed with exclusive insights from some of the leading experts in the Blockchain space, including Balaji Srinivasan (CTO, Coinbase), David Johnson (Board Chairman, Factom), Aaron Brown (VP – Engineering, Madnetworks), Elena Nadolinski (Co-creator, and Engineer, Solidity), and PK Rasam (Founder, LINCD).Initially developed as the technological backbone of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Blockchain and its inherently secure and robust decentralised ledger are finding applications in facilitating digital payments, smart contracts, and for secure record-keeping.

CNBC reports “Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s market and there are now 14 job openings for every Blockchain developer.” Blockchain technology experts already command the 4th highest annual remuneration in India, making it one of the most lucrative careers available to Indian professionals.Students of the programme will build portfolio-ready projects in collaboration with working Blockchain developers and hiring managers, and will enjoy direct access to leading experts in the field. The programme will also feature an outstanding roster of “Experts-In-Residence” for the course, giving students the ability to engage in discussions of clear doubts with these highly-skilled practitioners.




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