How to install MIUI9 onRedmi note 4
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How to install MIUI9 Build With Android Nougat On Redmi Note 4 Phones.

Xiaomi has started rolling out the developer version of Android N with MIUI9 for Redmi Note 4 and users in India can also install this build on their devices. Here’s how to install MIUI9 build with Android Nougat on Redmi Note 4 smartphone.

Xiaomi has started rolling out the developer version of Android N with MIUI9 for Redmi Note 4 and users in India can also install this build on their devices. However, customers should keep in mind this is still the developer build and there could be bugs, issues with this one.

Currently Redmi Note 4 is still on Android M with MIUI 8 Global build (version, and in order to install the Android Nougat build, you’ll have to download the ROM from the Xiaomi website. Wanna know how to install MIUI9 with Android N on your phone? Here’s are the steps to follow.

First you’ll have to go to the Xiaomi MIUI website and the download section. The link for this website is Once you’re here, just find Redmi Note 4 on the list and click on the page. This page will take you to the different ROMs available for the various versions of Redmi Note 4.

Now be careful when downloading the ROM and make sure that you are choosing the right build. On the top, there are three variants mentioned: Redmi Note 4 MTK Global, Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm Global and Redmi Note 4 MTK China. Customers need to open the tab with Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm Global because that’s the version of the phone retailing in India.

In this tab section, there are two ROMs listed. The stable ROM is still on Android M with MIUI8 on top.  For most users, the regular stable build of MIUI8 has already rolled out and the update message should have appeared on the phone. Below that is the developer ROM, which is MIUI9 with Android Nougat.

Xaomi Redmi Note 4: Here’s how to install developer ROM with MIUI9 and Android Nougat.Before installing this build, do read the instructions. Xiaomi says users should wipe all data in the recovery mode if they want to update “to a discontinuous ROM version, or downgrade to an older ROM version using MIUI full ROM pack.” The instructions also say, “If you upgrade from MIUI Stable ROM based on Android M to MIUI Developer ROM based on Android N, please flash it via Fastboot update. Recovery update might cause upgrade failure.”

The 1.5GB update has to be downloaded on your PC, and then connect the smartphone with the computer. Copy this ROM file to “downloaded_rom” folder in the internal storage of the Redmi Note 4. This folder can be found in Explorer app in Redmi Note 4. Tap on the Storage tab and you will see this folder.

In this folder click on the three dots on the top-right corner, and choose the update package after you have finished copying the file to the phone. Once you have chosen the ROM file, the phone will start upgrading. Xiaomi says Redmi Note 4 should automatically boot to the new version once the update is done.

In this folder click on the three dots on the top-right corner, and choose the update package.Alternately after you have copied the file to the phone, go to settings>about phone and hit system updates below. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner, and a menu should open. Just choose update package, and it will open the internal storage folders. Here you can pick the downloaded file and the phone will install the same.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is so far the only phone, out of the ones retailing in India that have got the MIUI 9 Android Nougat developer ROM. Mi 5 does not have the same listed, nor do the Redmi 4, Redmi 4A phones. Mi Max 2 is on MIUI 8 but with Android Nougat.

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