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Indoor plants, fridge a breeding site for dengue mosquitoes

With dip in temperature, mosquito vector causing dengue is moving indoors. The residents need to be cautious as dengue is still around with one or two cases being reported daily in Chandigarh.

Health authorities inform that bottles of money plant and refrigerator trays are the new breeding sites for mosquitoes carrying vector-borne diseases.

“The weather has changed and because of dip in temperature, mosquitoes are moving indoors. The health teams, who are inspecting breeding grounds, have found change in the breeding sites. The maximum number of larvaes are being found inside refrigerator trays, bottles of money plants and washing machines,” said a health officer.

On Thursday, two dengue cases were reported taking rhe count this year to 274.

“The mosquito has adapted to change in weather. Last year also, 21 cases of dengue were reported in December. So, people should remain careful and change water every 7 days,” said the officer.


The health authorities have also issued an advisory about swine flu, informing hospitals to make special wards and alert nodal officer in case any patient is reported with the disease.

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