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ICC announces new ball-tampering punishments: 6 Tests and 12 ODI ban

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has revised the punishments for ball-tampering in their latest meeting.

The cricket board has now imposed a minimum ban of six Tests and 12 ODIs for ball-tampering offenders as it has now been upgraded as a Level 3 offence in the new code of conduct.

The decision was taken at its Annual Conference in Dublin which concluded on Monday.

Another significant development is the sanction on number of private T20 leagues that a player might be allowed to participate, so that there is no compromise when it comes to national duty.

However, the most significant development certainly was tougher sanctions for poor player behaviour.

The ball-tampering incident involving Steve Smith and David Warner has forced ICC to upgrade it as Level 3 offence which will carry 12 suspension points.

The 12 suspension points is equivalent to a ban of 6 Tests or 12 ODIs from the earlier 1 Test and 2 ODIs.

The new offence added as Level 1 is the audible obscenity if anything is heard on the stump microphone.

Meanwhile, ICC wants to reign in on T20 freelancers who are trading national duty in order to play domestic leagues.

While ICC didn’t clarify how many leagues a player can take part, it is understood to be not more than 3.




News credit : Indiatoday

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