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I got 100 marks in CBSE Class 10 Maths Board exam, here’s how I studied

Time and again, students get nervous before appearing for a subject like Maths.

It has been every student’s nightmare, yet it is the most scoring subject.

Scoring a perfect 100 might not be that easy, but it is not impossible. Surely, one cannot score this enticing score by studying overnight or a day before the exam. There has to be a full proof strategy and plan, which only be built throughout the year to score a perfect 100 or even above 90.

Like every other student, even I was not sure about clearing the subject until my parents propelled me to take help from a personal tutor.

I appeared for CBSE Class 10 board exam in 2010 and joined a regular coaching centre in June 2009.

After talking to my tutor, school teachers and a few seniors, I made a study strategy to tackle Maths. , especially and here’s how I studied.

1. Personally read NCERT, chapterwise

I went through each and every word of NCERT, chapterwise like a novel. Yes, it sounds really bad but once you get into that zone, and you’re able to understand, it is addicting. Carefully look at all the diagrams, figures, examples.

2. Solve all the exercises

After reading every chapter, take a notebook and solve all the exercises irrespective of what’s happening in your school or tuition or anywhere else. This is your personal study plan. Have someone you can go for all the queries, that goes without saying.

3. Solve all the examples

Examples given in the NCERT books are the most important of them all and make 40 per cent of the exam. Take out some time, write all the example questions in a test paper and solve them on your own.

4. If not understood well, repeat this.

For some, this might be the end of it, but I wasn’t confident enough. So, once I finished the entire book once by November end, I repeated the above steps again. Obviously, this time, I did it very quickly and it gave me a sense of confidence.

5. Come up with questions and take guidance from your teachers

After this entire procedure, it is natural for you to have questions/queries/doubts. You might have some weak topics, ask your teachers to help you in these topics and give you better examples and even some questions to solve.

6. Solve sample question papers

I’d like to credit my marks to this major step. After Jan 15, I only solved sample question papers every single day. There are so many sample papers books available in the market, I just bought one by U-LIKE. For the initial 15 days, I didn’t time myself but after Feb 1st, my tutor gave my the exam test paper at 10 o clock in the morning and took it at sharp 1. This helped my increase my speed and create an environment as I was already in my exam hall.

7. Last 20 days of practice – most crucial

Feb 1 to 20, I only touched maths from 10 to 1, like an exam hall and devoted my rest of the day to other subjects. Other than practice, this is also a period of self-assessment. You discover how you’re doing, what topic’s taking longer than others, which section you should attempt first. I always started from the six marks question, as getting the most difficult ones done, made me feel like half of it is done and I got stress free. You can consider this as a hack, but it helps starting from six marks questions, then four, then three and then one.

Other than this, I didn’t touch any RD Sharma or other help books. In my experience, you don’t need any. Once through with NCERT, be confident, believe in yourself, don’t be afraid of self-assessment and asking questions.



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