South Indian Actresses

Here’s How These South Indian Actresses Looked In Their Debut Movie Vs How They Look Now!

South Indian film industry is one of the biggest film industries in the nation and probably the world. They have so much of appeal that even Bollywood seeks for inspiration down south. South Indian actresses are considered to be one of the most typecast characters in the film. And yet they have come a long way now. 

But have you ever wondered how your favourite South Indian actresses looked like in their debut film. Well, here are 12 of the most popular South actresses and how they looked in their debut film vs how they look now:



News credit : Msn.comTrisha Krishnan: The South Indian beauty, who had also been seen in the Bollywood film Khatta Meetha, debuted in 1999 with Jodi. She had an uncredited role in the film.

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