Ram Rahim and Honeypreet had sexual relations

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Had Sexual Relations With Adopted Daughter Honeypreet

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh had sexual relations with Honeypreet who is his adopted daughter, the woman’s estranged husband claimed earlier this week.

Rape convict Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is apparently longing for his Honey in jail. The flamboyant sect leader appealed to the CBI court, which found him guilty, to allow his favourite caretaker to remain with him as she is also his physiotherapist and masseuse. The court refused to entertain the plea.

Haryana police too has issued a lookout notice for Honeypreet Insan after her involvement in a foiled escape plan came to light.

She allegedly wanted to flee with Ram Rahim after the court held him guilty of raping two former female followers. The head of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect had sexual relations with Honeypreet who is his adopted daughter, the woman’s estranged husband claimed before Mail Today this week.


The sect had denied the charges. After Ram Rahim was convicted, the “father-daughter” had requested the court to allow them to live together. Honeypreet moved an application through her lawyer while the self-styled godman filed a petition. The court, however, threw out the requests.

Cops, though, allowed them to fly together to Rohtak from the court and also share a police guesthouse in Sunaira Jail. Photos on social media showed them sharing chocolates in the chopper. After the incident sparked outrage, the “guru of bling” was moved to an ordinary cell.

Ram Rahim’s conviction led to deadly riots by his followers, with about three dozen people being killed and hundreds injured. The burly, bearded sect leader who has scripted and starred in his own films, claims to have millions of followers in Haryana and Punjab.


Singh did not ask any of his family members, including his wife, son and biological daughters, to stay with him. But as Honeypreet has gone into hiding, the guru is spending sleepless nights.

Sources say he had also requested the jail authorities to bring Honeypreet back to him. She was last seen with him on the day he was sent to jail for 20 years. IGP (law and order) Q S Chawla said Honeypreet has a passport and could be looking to leave the country.

Dalit leader Swadesh Kirad, who was lodged in a cell adjacent to Ram Rahim’s and is out now, said he saw the Baba asking himself, “What is my fault? What have I done?”

“He was broken when the court jailed him for 20 years,” Kirad told this reporter. “He was not even able to stand. He was taken to the cell by two officials. He appears visibly upset and scared. He can be seen silently bowing his head. He was seen crying in the night.”


Sources say apart from Honeypreet, the sect leader is also missing his lavish and swashbuckling lifestyle. His headquarters in Sirsa reveals that the guru had a penchant for world-famous buildings, or at least their likenesses.

From the Eiffel Tower to cruise ship replicas, Singh’s Dera has resorts and buildings shaped like wonders of the world. All the CCTV cameras were switched off when he would enter a resort. Ram Rahim also used the property to shoot his films.

Sources also say that he brought a select few female followers to the resort. The rape allegations against the Dera chief surfaced in an anonymous letter sent in 2002 to then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

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