Goyal To Start Process Of Serious Reconstruction Of Railway Bureaucracy

Goyal To Start Process Of Serious Reconstruction Of Rail Bureaucracy

Kick-starting the process of serious restructuring of rail bureaucracy, railway minister Piyush Goyal has announced a slew of measures such as downsizing of the railway board, merging of departments to ensure ideas translate faster into reality and delegation of powers to field officers.

The process of identifying posts that can be reduced in the board and the powers that can be delegated to the field level is already on. The transporter has decided to post around 90 officers stationed in the board and zonal HQs, to divisions which are real working units of railways.

General managers, divisional railway managers (DRMs) and field officials have been empowered through delegation of powers – financial and administrative – to fast-track overall working. The post of additional DRMs in all 68 divisions will be increased from one to two and from two to three at some places to improve efficiency.

In two divisions in Mumbai, in Western and Central Railways, ADRM posts will increase to four from two. One ADRM in each of these divisions will exclusively deal with suburban services.

Divisions are the working unit as many feel these need to be strengthened to improve train operations and other services. At present, there are around 250 officers of the rank of director and above and after delegation of powers there is no need for them to be stationed at the HQ.

He said the transformation and mobility departments were merged which resulted in the new Rajdhani between Delhi and Mumbai being launched in rec ord ti me .

Go yal said the PM and finance minister had given full liberty to utilise funds for safety. “We’ll also earn through station redevelopment and monetisation of assets.” He released a first-of-its-kind charter for rail employees guaranteeing quick grievance redressal . The charter will be followed by a similar document for passengers .

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