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Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot: Which is the cheapest smart speaker you should buy?

I t’s the season of sale. Both Amazon and Flipkart are offering bumper sales to their customers on the purchase of various items.

While Amazon is offering discounts via its Prime Day sale between July 16 and July 17, Flipkart is countering the offer by offering lucrative discounts via its Big Shopping Day sale between July 16 and July 19. And in all the cool offers that are available on Flipkart and Amazon India, the deals that stand out belong to smart speakers Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, both of which are on sale at prices under Rs 2500.

Both the e-commerce sites are loaded with interesting offers that are too hard to miss. The two sites are offering bumper sale on phones, home appliances, smart home devices, fashion accessories and other things. While there is no dearth of options on the two websites, one offer that stands out on both the e-retail platforms is the sale of smart speakers.

Amazon is offering its smart speaker Echo Dot for Rs 2,449. On the other hand, Flipkart is countering the deal by offering Google Home Mini at the same price.


Both the smart speakers are compact, offer connectivity with other smart home devices and are available at the same price. So, which one should you buy? Before you seal the deal hastily, we suggest you go through our guide and then pick up the gadget that best suits your needs:


As mentioned earlier, both Google Home Mini and Amazon smart speakers are compact and can conveniently fit in any corner of a room. Both of them are roughly the same size and come with a hockey puck shaped design.

While Echo Dot houses all the controls on the top which includes volume controls and microphone on and off button and an action button, and it is available in two colours– black and white, Home Mini, on the other hand, houses all the controls under its fabric cover and it is available in three colours– white, charcoal and peppy coral.

Both the smart speakers need to be connected to a power source all the time and they require users to use wake words-either “Alexa” or “Hey Google”-to communicate with the device. Another similarity between the two devices is that both the devices allow the users to listen to the audio snippets recorded, review the commands and delete history selectively.

While on the hardware level both the devices work in an identical way, their working philosophy is entirely different. While Amazon use the information to make itself more lucrative to the users, Google uses the gathered information to make the individual users more attractive to the advertisers.

So, if you have Amazon Prime membership and your tends to revolve around the world created by Jeff Bezos, Echo Dot could be a good match for you.


While both, Google Assistant and Alexa are super efficient at their jobs. When it comes to Amazon, Alexa is super efficient at ordering stuff online, Google Assistant, on the other hand, is of great help when searching for information online.

Despite their dynamic nature, Google Assistant is better at understanding complex sentences than Alexa, which makes the conversation with the virtual digital assistant more natural.

Another difference between the two virtual assistants is that while Google Assistant is better at handling complex queries, with Alexa users need to give one command at time, making the conversation a bit morose at times.

At this point it is important to note that both the virtual agents are constantly evolving and so its a matter of time that we’ll see Alexa converse more naturally.


When it comes to features, both Echo Dot and Home Mini are equally efficient . When it comes to Echo Dot, you can stream music from Amazon Prime Music and Saavn. On the other hand, you can stream music from Google Play Music, Gaana and Saavn on Home Mini.


Both the devices can be used to control smart home devices and offer support for voice calling. Both the smart speakers let users to pair the devices with external Bluetooth speakers. Besides this, you can also ask to two smart speakers to pull put content from Wikipedia or get your flash news briefing. You can even set your daily reminders on the two smart speakers.


Both the devices are available at the same price and offer a host of interesting features to the users. They are cute and compact and can easily camouflage in a corner of your room. As far as your dilemma is concerned, the answer is pretty simple. If your world revolves around Amazon and its products, Echo Dot can prove to be the ideal partner for you. But if you are more of a Google person, then I suggest you grab Home Mini before the offer expires.



News credit : Indiatoday

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