A Former Indian Model Was Arrested By Delhi Police For Gambling

An old former Indian model was arrested over the weekend by Delhi Police for allegedly operating an underground illegal gambling house in a posh Greater Kailash neighborhood.

The gambling den enthralled scores of college students and youngsters, which led to the grimace.

25 people were apprehended, including the house’s owner Anupama Jain, a self-proclaimed former model who told police she now works as an event manager.
To supply to high-profile clients, the organizers had employed bartenders and attendants. Police said that even the neighbors were unaware of the illegal business until the house was raided.

A raid was carried out later that day, with law enforcement officials finding 45 packets of playing cards, 2,700 gambling chips, a poker table, bingo game, over two dozen cell phones, a money counting machine, and several bottles of liquor. About 7,58,000 Indian rupees were also seized, which equates to around $11,736.

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