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Forces favouring corruption have united in fight against me

Chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said on Saturday that ‘forces favouring corruption’ have united in the fight against him and are stooping to attacking his family members. He told Kautilya Singh that even issues that do not exist are being presented in a twisted manner. He also admitted that there is pressure on him to fill the two vacant cabinet berths and key positions in boards and corporations. Excerpts:

You and your family have been targeted in the recent past. What is your reaction?

Forces that are in favour of corruption have united in Uttarakhand and are repeatedly targeting me. They do not want to see me as CM as their activities have come to a standstill. When all their tactics to apply pressure failed, they stooped to the lowest level and are now targeting my family. Even the issues that do not exist are being blown up and presented in a twisted manner.

Who are you hinting at? Are you facing opposition from your own party leaders?

I will just say that there are some people who are constantly plotting against me. Their intention is clear to me — they want to disturb me and drive me to take wrong decisions. But I am fearless and will continue my fight against corruption. Those who believe they can defeat me and force me to end my fight against corruption are living in a fool’s paradise. Earlier, too, I didn’t relent and I will not relent in the future either. They are free to make baseless allegations.

Why do you think allegations against you have increased of late?

In the past 16 months, we have been successful in checking corruption and that is making some people frustrated. They have now joined hands against me and are spitting venom on me. They are trying to stoke up controversies by magnifying issues that do not even exist.

Do you think this is because many people are dissatisfied since you have not yet filled up two cabinet berths and several posts in boards?

Party members have high expectations and on various occasions, I have received demands and requests. Earlier, we have seen that positions in boards and corporations have been misused, and now I will ensure that such acts are not repeated during my tenure. There are leaders who deserve these positions and we will take a decision in the right time. However, these posts are not rewards and only a few dedicated party members will be given key responsibilities.

What do you think about Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s move to hug PM Narendra Modi in Parliament?

Rahul was an immature yuvraaj and now he is an even more immature raja. In his age, people learn and become mature but what he did shows that he has not learnt anything during his political career. His move to hug the PM was a mere acceptance of defeat before the vote of confidence. It was a childish speech followed by a childish act.

But he is projecting himself as a PM candidate?
This shows that the UPA allies do not accept him as their leader. He is trying to force himself as their leader as many others in Congress are eyeing the position. One can only laugh at him for dreaming to become the PM and this also shows the clear divide in the UPA.


News Credit: Times of India


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