The standoff issue is safely resolved now Chinese official said.

Doklam Stand Off Is Safely Resolved Now Said Chinese Official

The standoff issue is safely resolved now, Chinese official said. PLA has established regular channels of communication with several countries, she said. China is expanding its circle of friends, she added.

In a significant move, and one that underscores President Xi Jinping’s increasing clout, the People’s Liberation Army expressed satisfaction over the recent border settlement with India at the end of the 10-week Doklam stand-off, saying that it was “safely resolved”.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Liu Fang, staff officer at the office of International Military Cooperation of the Central Military Commission (CMC), China’s top military body, referred to “the Indian military passing the border line into China’s territory”.

China’s defence and other ministries “worked very closely many times” during negotiations with the Indian side, Liu said on the sidelines of the Communist Party Congress, which meets once in five years to formulate policies and choose the next generation of leaders.

“Of course, it is safely solved right now,” she said. “We reiterated very clearly Chinese position and all of these actually contributed to the peaceful resolution of China-Indian cross border conflict,” she said.

Liu said the PLA has established regular channels of communications with the military of several countries which has proved to be very useful.

China was expanding its circle of friends that cover not only the big powers but also the neighbouring countries.

“We have built many dialogues and dialogue mechanisms with many countries at the right levels,” Liu said adding, “We don’t work on a single point but we connect all the points together. We are expanding a net of cooperation.”

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