Afghan Heroin

Delhi Youth Is Fast Falling For Afghan Heroin

Afghan heroin is smuggled from across the porous Indo-Pak border, whereas opium and poppy husk are smuggled from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

After the seizure of huge amounts of cocaine in Delhi-NCR, addicts are gradually shifting towards consumption of fine heroin, i.e. Afghan heroin, say sources in the narcotics department.

Agencies have also warned that Delhi might soon leave behind Punjab as the consumption hub of heroin. To counter this, Delhi Police recently held a meeting with the L-G and are planning to organise widespread drug awareness campaigns.

According to officials, Afghan heroin is smuggled from across the porous Indo-Pak border, whereas opium and poppy husk are smuggled from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh where poppy cultivation is legal. “Charas and hashish are smuggled from Himachal Pradesh along with synthetic drugs. Drug units along the Himachal-Punjab border produce ICE drugs,” a narcotics official said.

“Agencies have seized a huge amount of cocaine that was supposed to be distributed in Delhi-NCR. After this, it was noticed that there has been an increase in the supply of heroin. Most heroin seized by us is from Afghanistan and it is supplied through the porous borders between India and Pakistan,” the official added. As per records, last year, Afghanistan alone supplied the world with 90 per cent of the heroin, an opium derivative. Investigation into recent heroin hauls suggests that the porous border between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been a major transit point for arms and drugs smuggling. Since Punjab shares a large border with Pakistan, it has had a history of arms smuggling in the 80s that has now transitioned into smuggling of drugs.

As more and more people became addicted, the demand has attracted smugglers to step up supply to the state. Earlier, high value drugs such as heroin and cocaine were entering Punjab from Pakistan, and after meeting local demand, would be further transported to popular tourist destinations such as Kullu-Manali and Goa. Last month, Delhi Police arrested three men for their alleged connections with an inter-state drug racket. Heroin worth `20 crore was also seized. During investigation, it was learnt that the drugs were procured in bulk from Manipur and were being brought to Delhi through different routes, including from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.

“The well-entrenched drug mafia has opened up newer routes of supply. In the east, drugs have been entering India from Myanmar and Bangladesh for consumption here as well as for further movement to other countries,” the official added. Officials added that the Afghan heroin that reaches Pakistan is primarily for the domestic market. But besides supplying for local consumption, large quantities of drugs are destined to India through Punjab, Kashmir, Rajasthan and Gujarat. The rise in demand in states such as Punjab has increased heroin smuggling from across the border. “It has also been learnt that drugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan used to be stored in Punjab. Villagers helped smugglers by giving them space to keep expensive drugs. However, after a tight vigil in Punjab, the drug mafias are moving out and considering Delhi/NCR as a transit hub,” a narcotics official said. The most preferred locations for drug dealers are West Delhi, outer Delhi and Gurugram.

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